Understand How Washing Machine Works

is an unspoken appliance that is in most everyone’s house. If, we pinpoint equipment or household appliance to reduce our everyday stress, then washing machine have their great role in helping us. A day can’t be imagined easily without a washing machine. They are very easy to handle, and they come with a lot of new features like dryer and various methods of washing for the specific material of clothes. 

How Washing Machine Works

Though, people do say that only detergent is doing the work. But not, it is so happening with only a washing machine. So let us focus straight on how does a washing machine works.

Anatomy of a washing machine

The basic function that you know that a machine does is that they soak the dress with the soap water for some time, after that, it starts to rotate and wash the clothes. But there are a lot more things that go around this process.

Drums: When it comes to drums, you think like only one is present there, but it is not. The basket that holds our dress has another basket surrounded by the first one. So, when the machine starts, the drum that lies inside rotates while the other one stands steadily with the water. These two drums play a vital role in washing clothes.

Thermostat: As you saw previously, the washing machine helps you to wash with a different temperature for different clothes material. Thermostat gives you out water in different temperatures, for different materials.  

Electric pump: An electric pump is inbuilt with a washing machine to remove the dirty water automatically after washing the clothes. 

Programmer: The programmer helps the washing machine to go through a lot of phases while the washing process is going like to wash, rinse, and spin (dry). The programmer plays a major role in modern washing machines. Nowadays, the machines come so automatedly that even the machine will take up the water. This programmer does its job of collecting the required water. As like this, the programmer does everything automated like adding the conditioner after washing the clothes, automatically spinning and drying the clothes. So, a programmer can be called as the heart of a washing machine.

3 pipes: Pipe is a common thing that is needed. Two pipes are fitted; one inlet and another outlet. The inlet is to carry the hot or normal water as per the material you want to wash and the other is for the water to flow out from the machine.


Washing machines have a lot and lots of programs to be written within them to improve the experience for their customer. Gone are the days when we used to wash with hands. Now, you have everything automated for time consumption for humans in the busy modern days. This is under the mandatory list. So, do purchase your washing machine that has great programs to easy your work and through which drop down all your stress.

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